As of July 10th, 2023, the operational merger of Belterra and All-State Belting, two leaders in the material handling industry, have become a unified entity: Viacore. This partnership not only combines our expertise, but also aligns our resources to better service our customers.

all state belting

Both companies conducted an extensive amount of research to ensure this decision would enhance how we conduct business. ASB and Belterra both exceeded our hopes for organizations that can combine with complimenting each other’s continued commitment to service excellence and the delivery of proven solutions that leverage our combined expertise and knowledgebase, enabling us to continue to inspire our clients, vendors, and associates to partner with us and grow.

belterraThis merger will allow us to provide an array of services to a larger market given that we have currently 31 branches strategically located across Canada and the US. Our combined companies are now conducting business under the name: Viacore.

The name Viacore (Vee-Ah-Core) was born by bringing together two ideas: via and core.

  • Via (Vee-Ah) means a road, way, or direction. This ties to our role in keeping material handling systems moving effectively and efficiently down a given process path or direction.
  • Core signifies the central or vital component of something.

We want any client who works with Viacore to see us as a trusted partner that is core to their business, where we help drive your operations on the path of success, driving your growth, as well as ours. We encourage you to browse our brand-new website and get to know us:

If you have any questions about this exciting news or our new identity, please contact any of us at any time by finding your nearest location here.