Wood, Pulp & Paper

Viacore brings years of experience working with mills to deliver safe, high-quality products and services that improve their efficiency and productivity.

A conveyor belt moves logs in a lumber mill

Each Wood, Pulp, and Paper industries provide their own unique challenges when it comes to material handling. Today’s mills require high-speed lumber processing with conveyor belts and components that can withstand impact stresses and terpene in temperatures ranging from -40°C to over 200°C (-40°F to over 392°F). They also require energy-efficient systems that operate with low friction. At Viacore, we stock a spectrum of high-performance conveyor belts to address the demands of this industry, as well as engineer and design conveyor belts for specific applications that need to be custom made.

We Prioritize Safety, Quality, and Efficiency

With every project we work on, we are committed to safety and providing the best solution for your application. Partnership is key for Viacore, and we proactively monitor our clients’ maintenance needs, providing high quality workmanship, and discover efficiencies where possible, to build a strong foundation for a long-term partnership. We also pride ourselves for being responsive, especially when it matters. Whether it’s picking up the phone, sending an email, or getting a team member on site – Viacore goes above and beyond to ensure you have what you need in a timely manner.

Allow Viacore to be the answer to your conveyor challenges in the wood, pulp, and paper industry.