At Viacore, we’ve spent over five decades researching and understanding mining needs and we appreciate the tough conditions you operate under.

A conveyer belt transports coal from a mine

When it comes to mining, the high-demand environment leaves absolutely no room for error. Whether you’re mining gold, silver, nickel, iron ore, copper, molybdenum, coal, granite, potash, or any other raw material – the demands on your material handling systems are tremendous.

Service For Your Unique Application

Our experience working with various mining clients helps us ensure we’re providing the heavyweight conveyor belts best suited for your unique application. We aim to provide maximum protection against degrading effects of abrasion, cutting, tearing, and gouging. By delivering superior performance, we help you achieve lower cost-per-ton and greater uptime for a wide variety of surface and underground applications.

Reliable Recommendations

For installing and splicing your conveyor belt; in-place lagging of pulleys; replacing and installing idlers; transfer point and chute design; dust mitigation; cleaner installation and maintenance; and engineering assistance; our mechanical services group is at your disposal. All our recommendations are backed by the latest technology for cover compounds, fabric or steel cords, and integrated rip detection and/or rip protection systems. We can deliver the performance you require and the lowest cost per tonnage conveyed.

Breakdowns and unscheduled outages are costly interruptions to production and our responsive, 24/7 responsive team is here to keep you always operating. We offer emergency service from all of our locations in the US and Canada. Call or email your nearest Viacore location for a consultation today and get your mining operation running with only the best solutions.