Apprenticeship Program

Group of workers on the apprenticeship program

Conveyor Service Technician Apprenticeship Program

Viacore takes pride in delivering safe, efficient, and proactive service. To do that, we offer qualified candidates access tour industry-first Conveyor Service Technician Apprenticeship Program. This unique program grooms Conveyor Service Technicians that stand out from any others in the industry. The 4-year program consists of comprehensive in-class and hands-on training that will educate them on understanding the basics of a conveyor systems to honing the skills needed to lead the most complicated installation and repair jobs on site.

What is the Apprenticeship Program?

Our exclusive program is a standardized, company-wide internal certification system for our Conveyor Service Technician workforce. Employees that are recruited into the apprenticeship program are trained in-house during their first year. Once this initial training is complete, they’ll then begin the apprenticeship program where they’ll attend a formal training based at one of our schools. Employees that successfully graduate from our program will receive a certificate declaring their status as a Journeyman Conveyor Service Technician, therefore receiving the Journeyman wage set by their local Viacore branch.

This program is a structured 4-year program, where each year is the equivalent of one level. Apprentices will receive evaluations along the way, so they’ll be able to track their advancement. Our apprentices are expected to progressively develop their knowledge and skills throughout the 4 years, until they are fully trained and qualified as a Journeyman Conveyor Service Technician.

Group of workers discussing plans at the apprenticeship program
Year What You’ll Learn
1 Initial In-house Training
2 Basics of Splicing
3 Conveyor Belt Pulling, Rigging, and Finger Splicing
4 Steel Cord Splicing, Science of Splicing, and Basic Mechanical Conveyor Services

What To Expect In The Program

Apprentices can expect to receive the following in our program:

  • Knowledge, skills, and abilities acquired at each level of the program
  • Compensation according to a standard structure to each level of the program
  • Ensured success with yearly evaluations, guidance, and support throughout the program

How The Program Benefits Viacore’s Workforce

A few benefits of the program include:

  • Fair compensation structure linked to skills developed
  • Concise path of skills advancement and wage increase
  • Proof of competency and expertise
  • Status and recognition for your development and hard work
  • Learning the safest techniques in the industry, compared to other companies who let any “experienced” worker perform job training