Viacore recognizes the challenges of the Rail industry. We value minimizing worker risks, creating faster unloading times, increasing productivity, staying on schedule, reducing waste, and decreasing labour costs. We do this with railcar connectors, railcar openers, and industrial vibrators.

Railcar Unloading

We offer exclusive access to Martin Engineering products that are specifically engineered for unloading railcars. By using products designed to connect to the unload gate and funnel material efficiently to the under-track conveyor system, it allows you to move more material with faster unloading times. Faster unloading not only means increased revenue, but also reduced labor costs.

How do our products improve safety as well? They eliminate the need to have someone climb under the unloading gate to break up obstructions, which is a very dangerous task. This also reduces respirable dust.

Orange railcar vibrator

Not only do our products help with all the above, by protecting material from the elements during the unloading process, it helps with your maintenance of overall quality.

Railcar Vibrators

Railcar Vibrators use powerful vibratory energy to boost material flow and achieve complete unloading. The vibration compacts the car’s bulk material cargo, stopping the cargo from flowing freely once the discharge gate is opened. This helps you receive the cargo you paid to have delivered to your facility.