Engineering & Design

Viacore fabrication and machine drawing package

Viacore’s engineering team designs and builds complete projects that are paired with our field services. This enables end users access to full turnkey solutions. Turnkey solutions are basically solutions that are ready-to-go for your convenience.

We understand that with success comes growth. Viacore can design upgrades to your system while offering competitive prices, minimal downtime, and regular maintenance.

Our expansive knowledge of material handling allows us to handle both simple and complex problems with innovative design methods. We implement industry best practices in multiple applications.

Viacore’s engineering specialties include structural, mechanical, and operational that can be supported through the design, fabrication, and installation phases of a project.

With over fifty years of experience, we’re able to consult with your organization and ask all the right questions for us to prepare a design that meets your unique needs. We’ve worked with a large variety of industries, from oil and gas, food, mining, steel and so many more. We are your go-to subject matter experts and a proven partner across Canada and the US. We can offer customized solutions that work for you.


  • Retrofit and reverse engineering

  • Turnkey design builds

  • Mechanical studies and root cause analysis

  • Material handling systems design (belt, chain, screw)

  • Fabrication and machine drawing packages