Hose & Fittings

Durable, Reliable Industrial Hose and Fittings

A worker attaches cables for the installation of a conveyor belt at an oil facility

We understand that our clients need dependable products, often on short notice. Because of the global supply network and often long delivery times, we maintain a large inventory of hose and fittings to accommodate and expedite even the most urgent orders. Because of access to our multiple service locations across North America and the largest team of qualified technicians in the industry, in addition to the strong relationships we have built with our vendors, we are able to offer our clients the best products and services, tailored to their needs…and on schedule.

Who Do We Help?

Whether you’re conveying high-pressure or high-heat fluids, gases, or materials, Viacore has the right products and expertise to improve your performance. We provide industrial hose and fittings products and services for the following industries and applications:

  • Underground hard rock mining
  • Petroleum
  • Mining and milling operations

  • Railroad and tank truck applications

  • Pulp and paper

  • Sewage and waste removal

  • Curb pump dispensing

How Can We Help?

Because safety and efficiency are our priority, we work with both clients and manufacturers to ensure the best hose is selected and put into service for every application. Through our branch network stretching across Canada and the US and key supplier relationships, we have access to an extensive inventory of industrial hose and fittings that enables us to offer an expansive product selection. We also offer hose assembly services and have the ability to perform hydrostatic pressure and conductivity testing, conforming to CSA-B620, allowing Viacore to deliver solutions for every industrial application.

Designed for a wide range of applications, such as compressors and jackhammers.
Designed for conveying hot air and materials in tank truck and plant services.
Engineered to handle the transfer of sand, cement, and other construction materials.
Engineered for reliable transfer of industrial chemicals and other solutions.

Designed for high pressure wash-down and steam cleaning applications.

Engineered to handle materials in plant and truck applications.
Designed for use in pressure washers and for food processing plant cleanup.
Designed for heavy-duty mining and construction applications.
Hydraulic hose and fittings are available at select locations.
Engineered for freshwater supply, raw water, bilge pump hoses, drain hoses, sanitation systems, and other marine applications.

Designed for industrial blasting, suction, and high-pressure applications.

Designed for a variety of above- and underground mining applications.

Designed for tank truck pressure and gravity drop, aircraft refueling assemblies, dispensing assemblies, dock hose, rig supply hose.

Designed for steam transfer applications.
Designed for applications like leaf and waste collection, manhole blowers, and exhaust fumes.
Designed for water suction and discharge hose, wash-down hose, and garden hose.
Designed for oxygen, acetylene, LPG, shielding gas, and other welding applications.