Why Us?

Viacore is a leader in the industry, a nearly infinite selection of conveyor belts, parts, accessories, complex knowledge, excellent response time, strategically placed locations across Canada and the US, and quality customer service. Besides that, why choose us?

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Our Mission Statement

We partner with our clients to keep their material handling processes running efficiently and reliably. We do this by safely delivering timely, innovative solutions, products and services that effectively optimize our clients’ operations.

We operate with three Key Value Points (KVPs)

  1. We’re a proven partner across Canada and the United States.
  2. We’re responsive, when it matters.
  3. We offer customized solutions that work for you.

These KVPs are the foundation of what makes Viacore your first choice in the material handling industry across Canada and the US.

We’re a proven partner across Canada and the United Sates.

With over fifty years of experience working alongside a comprehensive roster of industries across much of North America, Viacore understands your needs and can be an effective partner in offering the best solution to any challenge your organization faces. We can bring a longstanding history of success, wealth of knowledge, as well as build a strong, reliable, and trusting partnership. We will proactively monitor our customers’ maintenance needs and find efficiencies where possible to ensure strong partnerships.

We’re responsive, when it matters.

You can rely on Viacore to be there if the unexpected happens. Whether it’s picking up the phone, responding to your email quickly, or getting our team members to your site – we prioritize being there for you when it matters. We’re aware downtime carries significant costs, which is also why we offer emergency service from all our strategically placed locations. We also have an extensive and customizable inventory that’s accessible across Canada and the US with quick deliveries and turnaround times.

We offer customized solutions that work for you.

Viacore is your single source materials handling partner from conceptualizing a solution, to building or repairing the system, and maintaining its integrity. With over five decades of experience, we only recommend proven solutions and provide seamless implementation. To make sure you have the right products at the right time, we make sure to ask all the right questions to implement a logical and timely plan for your application.

Have a system that doesn’t use standard belts or components? Require a product with uncommon specifications? We can leverage our manufacturing facilities to customize effective and unique solutions.


More reasons to choose Viacore: with our objectives in service, leadership, partnerships, and knowledge, Viacore aims to consistently deliver exceptional value to our customers.

Unbeatable Service

Viacore aspires to be a leader in the industry, both in North America and beyond. We provide the best service in the industry while maintaining cost-efficiency. By valuing the success of our customers, Viacore goes above and beyond and actively contributes to the achievement of their customers’ goals. Additionally, Viacore excels at discovering efficiencies within customer systems, leveraging our expertise to optimize workflows and enhance productivity. For example, we offer informative Conveyor Condition Monitoring Reports. Our top-notch maintenance services ensure the longevity and reliability of equipment, minimizing downtime and maximizing output. By consistently delivering high standards and exceeding customer expectations, Viacore sets an example for others to follow, cementing our position as a leader in the industry.

Valuable Partnerships

Creating and nurturing partnerships with customers and suppliers is a crucial aspect of Viacore’s strategy. We firmly believe that the success of our customers directly correlates to our own success. By fostering collaboration, Viacore develops a deep understanding of customer needs and can provide solutions for your diverse needs. Leveraging their partnerships with manufacturing facilities, Viacore ensures that customers receive the right products perfectly suited to their requirements. This collaborative approach allows Viacore to enhance their service offerings, delivering optimal outcomes and becoming a trusted and preferred partner to their customers.

In-Depth Knowledge

We possess the ability to improve material handling systems, and our team boasts deep, continuously growing knowledge of all products, services, and the industry. Moreover, our proactive approach ensures we stay ahead of emerging technologies, and evolving customer demands, delivering cutting-edge solutions and unmatched expertise.