Mechanical Services

Viacore’s Mechanical Service only relies on the most skilled and professional trades people who can truly understand how your conveyor components interact and impact the overall system.

We’re fully committed to improving bulk material handling through every service and product we offer. We aim to boost productivity and increase profitability. Everything from design, drafting, engineering, and fabrication to project management and utilization of Red Seal tradespeople, our team’s broad expertise allows us to handle your project requirements from conception to completion.

With our network spanning across Canada and the US, paired with our material handling expertise, we are fully equipped to solve any issues that arise, including rebuilding transfer points and dust containment. We also offer solutions to control and alleviate airborne materials by installing and maintaining proper cleaning systems for your application. Taking preventative and predictive measures maximizes productivity, increases safety, and improves cost management. By choosing Viacore to maintain your system regularly, we can be proactive and prevent potential component failure and act quickly when problems happen.

Maintenance Services:

  • Laser alignment services (pulley, drive system, and rotating component alignments)

  • Pulley services (inspection, rebuilds, and reconditioning)

  • Bearing services (audio, visual, and physical inspections)

  • Gearbox services (preventative, maintenance, and complete overhaul)

  • Chain and sprocket maintenance

  • Shutdown service

  • Wear plate service (liner maintenance)

  • Hopper and chute maintenance (transition zones, feed profiling equipment, and transfer points)

  • Bucket elevator maintenance (installation and repairs)

  • Aluminum repair and fabrication capabilities (CSA W47.1 Certified)

  • High-definition plasma table service (cutting up to 1-1/2” stainless steel, mild steel, and aluminum)

  • Machining capabilities

  • Crusher and screen maintenance