Aggregate & Cement

The Aggregate and Cement industries demand tough and rugged material handling products to operate in harsh and abusive environments.

A conveyor belt and green truck move aggregate supplies at a plant in the mountains

At Viacore, we recognize the industry’s need for a trusted partner who offers premium products and services as solutions for each unique application. We understand that means effective and long-lasting solutions targeting your trouble areas, be it primary crushing, overland conveying, or high temp clinker handling.

We Only Offer The Best

The High-Performance conveyor belt, pulleys, idlers and components supplied by Viacore provide targeted solutions for every application: belts with High-Impact & Tear resistant reinforcements coupled with Abrasion Cut & Gouge resistant cover compounds for Primary & Secondary crushing; energy efficient tru-running low-stretch belts for long overland conveyors; and the absolute best heat resistant belts in the world for handling superheated clinker up to 750F/400C.

High Quality Products

Viacore offers high tension engineered class pulleys, rugged, heavy-duty impact idler & load support systems, reliable tracking components, and the most abrasion-resistant & impact-resilient wear liners in the world.

Viacore has over fifty years of Aggregate and Cement industry expertise. At your request, our Solution Specialists can provide system training, conveyor inspections, expert analysis, and trustworthy advice to increase your plant’s productivity and efficiency. Our highly trained and skilled Conveyor Service Technicians, Mechanics, and Millwrights provide safe, high quality and efficient workmanship for your conveyors and transfer points to return your plant to operational status on time.

We understand that downtime carries significant costs, so our team trims lead times by keeping a large volume of strategically located inventory assuring consistent supply and reliable delivery.

We’ll maximize the life of your components and boost your productivity with the most advanced bulk material handling technologies available.