Conveyor Controls & Safety Solutions

Viacore prioritizes safety in conveyor systems, offering comprehensive solutions for various critical components. Our expertise extends to backstops, pull cord switches, scales, mechanical rip detection, and safe guarding.


Back-stops serve a vital safety function by preventing the backward movement of inclined conveyors upon cessation. At Viacore, we prioritize safety as a core value, which is reflected in our team’s rigorous training to inspect installed back-stops and proficiently identify any areas of concern. We also offer expertise in selecting and providing new parts to guarantee that your conveyor operates seamlessly, adhering to safety protocols and guidelines. Our consistent dedication to safety ensures that your conveyor system runs smoothly and securely. 

Pull Cord Switches

Pull cord switches are essential safety accessories for conveyors, specifically engineered to promptly shut down systems during maintenance or emergency situations. At Viacore, our Solution Specialists conduct thorough inspections and provide new components, ensuring the optimal functionality and safety compliance of pull cord switches. Our expertise guarantees that these critical safety devices operate effectively, securely, and conform to Canadian and American standards.  

Trust in Viacore’s commitment to safety and our ability to ensure the proper functioning of pull cord switches for your conveyor systems.  


Scales play a crucial role in the continuous measurement of materials being transported. Given the substantial wear and tear associated with their operation, it becomes imperative to regularly maintain conveyor scale systems to ensure their accurate functionality.  

Leveraging over 50 years of experience, Viacore maintains the expertise to verify the correct installation of components, ensuring they are accurately calibrated and maintained. Trust in our proficiency to uphold the performance integrity of conveyor scale systems, backed by our wealth of industry knowledge.   

Mechanical Rip Detection

Viacore provides mechanical rip detection systems that can identify potential catastrophic belt failure before it occurs. These systems can be effortlessly integrated into any conveyor setup, enabling the detection of splice failures or holes. This proactive approach empowers you to take swift action and prevent expensive periods of downtime. Trust in Viacore’s innovative technology to enhance your ability to foresee and address critical belt issues, safeguarding operational continuity, and minimizing potential disruptions.   

Safe Guarding

Viacore prioritizes safety without compromise. Recognizing that conveyors pose significant hazards as equipment responsible for handling substantial tonnage at high speeds, we take proactive measures to eliminate risks.  

Our complete range of services includes conducting thorough site-wide guarding analysis to identify potential safety gaps and vulnerabilities. Furthermore, we specialize in supplying and installing safety guards tailored to your specific requirements. Our team of highly trained technicians stay up-to-date on the latest workplace safety regulations, ensuring that the guards provided conform to the highest standards of safety. Trust in Viacore to deliver the most trusted safety solutions.