Pulleys, Idlers, and Take-Ups

Component for a conveyor belt take-up system

Pulleys, idlers, and take-ups are crucial components of conveyor systems, and their proper functioning is essential for optimal performance and longevity. At Viacore, our team of talented Solution Specialists possess the expertise to identify potential issues that may lead to conveyor downtime and offer proactive solutions to avoid component failure. Our commitment extends beyond supply, as we offer installation, inventory, and ongoing maintenance support. With Viacore, you can rely on our experience, knowledge, and comprehensive solutions to optimize your conveyor systems’ efficiency. Let’s get into each of these components… 


Conveyor pulleys fulfill a vital function in providing support and moving a conveyor belt. Viacore’s Solution Specialists possess the expertise to identify possible concerns that could lead to conveyor downtime. Through our proactive approach, we offer preventative solutions that mitigate the risk of component failure. Leveraging our extensive pulley repair capabilities and strategic partnerships with global leaders in conveyor pulleys, we are equipped to deliver and maintain a wide range of engineered pulleys, even catering to diverse applications, such as food grade and package handling pulley assets. 


Viacore recognizes the detrimental impact of malfunctioning or subpar conveyor idlers on the performance of your conveyor systems. We leverage our extensive supply network, granting us access to CEMA standard idlers and specialized composite products tailored to meet the needs of every application. 

Rest assured, our dedicated team is ready to assist with a supply of both standard and specialized rolls, ensuring prompt resolution of even the most challenging issues, while maximizing the lifespan of your conveyor system. We offer installation services to ensure seamless integration and provide inventory management services, as needed, offering comprehensive support throughout the entire process. 


The proper maintenance and design of a take-up system is critical for ensuring the durability of conveyor belts. Inadequate tension can result in belt slippage, while excessive tension can lead to substantial damage to the belt. 

At Viacore, our team comprises trained professionals who specialize in inspecting manual and gravity take-up systems, meticulously assessing their functionality to guarantee optimal performance. With their extensive expertise, our team possesses comprehensive experience in repairing existing systems, providing new ones, and evaluating the efficiency of ones already in operation. Trust in our proficiency to effectively address any take-up system requirements and ensure the longevity of your conveyor belt.