Technical Services

At Viacore, we highly value our Technical Services team. Technical services are who your organization can rely on to get audits, analysis, training, monitoring, inspections, and much more.

Conveyor inspections are an important component to ensure your belt life-cycle is as long as possible. They can reveal trouble areas on your conveyor that may shorten the life of your belt and splice. Our Technical team is also able to calculate “wear life” to determine your belt’s life expectancy under certain conditions. Doing this type of inspection regularly can be a proactive way for your organization to plan downtime and budget replacements ahead of time.

To dig even deeper, our Technical team can survey a conveyor system and run tension calculations to help you understand the forces acting within and upon the components. This is typically called System Tension Analysis. With most analysis and inspection, the results also let you know if your convey system is up to code, whether that’s in Canada or the US.

Viacore can even offer ultrasonic cover gauge analysis. Ultrasound equipment sounds sound waves down through the top cover of the belt at various points to reveal the cross-sectional wear pattern of the cover. This is a non-invasive way to gauge your belt cover thickness without any downtime.

Another type of analysis we can offer focuses on containment and dust. One of our technical specialists can analyze your conveyor and its transition points for containment and dust. This type of analysis can help avoid or fix product loss and spillage, resulting in lost operational costs.

Technical Advisory Services

  • Material Handling System Audits & Analysis

  • General Conveyor Inspections & Audit

  • Maintenance Inspections

  • Conveyor Belt Scanning/Condition Monitoring

  • Training

  • System Tension Analysis

  • Ultrasonic Cover Gauging

  • Material Flow Optimization

  • Containment/Dusting Audits