Rubber Lining

Three workers installing a large rubbing lining

With over fifty years of experience in the coatings industry, we provide unmatched total wear solutions. We do everything from hot vulcanized bonding to cold bonding applications that use a wide range of rubber compounds.

At Viacore, we want to accommodate your busy schedule and unique needs. We’re flexible and able to line components right in our shop or install rubber lining in the field. Our highly knowledgeable and skilled field services team is always prepared to support your needs for wear solutions, including tanks, chutes, hoppers, pump boxes, mills, and more.

We also offer ceramic and polyuria lining services. We can supply and install ceramic tiles, epoxy high-build ceramics, and spray on ceramics or polyuria for your applications. Our Solution Specialists are experienced and survey process systems to correctly identify areas of high wear, meaning clients can proactively plan maintenance and minimize downtime. At Viacore, recommending the right products, installing them properly, providing the best service, and being proactive are high on our priority list.