Package & Unit Handling

Viacore has a long history of success and over fifty years of experience providing quality material-handling products and services to the Package and Unit Handling market in Canada and the US.

Packages ride along a conveyor belt in a procurement facility

There has been a large spike in the number of distribution and express sorting facilities across North America due to the ease and convenience of online ordering. We go above and beyond when meeting the unique requirements of today’s fast-growing express package handling, retail distribution centers, and airport industries through a combination of belting qualities, including anti-static, low noise, low-friction, flame-resistant, adhesive, flexible, impact-resistant, and abrasion-resistant. We offer a comprehensive breadth of products carrying these qualities to provide a variety of solutions for your organization’s specific conveying needs.

Latest Technology On The Market

New technology is a priority to Viacore and helps us maintain our decades-long reputation as a leading solutions-oriented belt and component supplier. These technologies include monofilament fabrics, which offer optimal tracking performance for even the most abusive applications.

Round The Clock Service

We have a highly responsive team available 24/7. You can rely on Viacore to be there when you need help, whether that’s over the phone, email, or having a team member at your site. We look forward to getting to know you and your organization, and most importantly, being a significant contributor in the successful operation of your facility.