Steel Cord

Unbeatable strength.

A worker attaches cables for the installation of a conveyor belt at an oil facility

This belt, recognized as the most robust conveyor, possesses the capability to transport every imaginable type of product out there. As industries such as mining become more demanding, requiring greater capacity, efficiency, and reliability, the steel cord belt has emerged as the preferred choice for businesses seeking a reliable material handling system.

This belt is in high demand and extensively utilized by miners, loggers, and various other industries dealing with commodities. The combination of superior construction and expert splicing by Viacore Solutions’ Conveyor Service Technicians has established the steel cord belt as the most trustworthy and dependable conveying solution across all sectors.

When looking for a new belt, it’s essential to consider certain criteria such as:

  • Products to be transported

  • Compliance with fire protection and electrostatic safety standards

  • Thermal stability

  • Low elongation

  • And more…

As conveyor systems extend their reach to accommodate higher volumes and tonnage, it’s crucial for the belts themselves to become more resilient. Steel cable offers superior strength and reduced elongation compared to fabric options, making steel cord belts the cost-effective and dependable choice for systems covering long conveying distances or managing high lifts.