We Are Viacore. Your Material Handling Partner.

What does Viacore mean? It’s the coming together of two ideas: VIA and CORE.

  • VIA (Vee-Ah) means a road, way, or direction. This ties to our role in keeping material handling systems moving effectively and efficiently down a path or direction.

  • CORE signifies the central or vital component of something.

We want anyone who works with Viacore to see us as a trusted partner that is core to their business, where we help keep their operations on the path of success, driving their growth, as well as ours.

Industry Leaders

We’ve been leaders in the Material Handling industry for over 50 years by providing our customers with superior quality conveyor belting, accessories, and reliable service throughout North America. Over the decades, we’ve grown with our customers by continually exceeding their expectations, providing innovative and up-to-date products, field installation services, manufacturing, custom parts, and so much more. We understand how crucial the integrity of your equipment is to your bottom line and we’ve spent years fostering trusted relationships with the world’s leading manufacturers to ensure we present proven value-added solutions.

We Cover A Wide Range of Locations and Industries

Viacore’s strategically placed branches have allowed us to reach and provide access to customers from a long list of industries including agriculture, forestry, manufacturing, mining, bulk terminals, OEMs, oil and gas, food processing, and more.

Our mission is to partner with our clients to keep their material handling processes running efficiently and reliably. We have all the key ingredients to ensure your systems are maintained and operate reliably: hardworking, dedicated, and talented people, as well as providing proven products and services.

We invite you to learn and discover more about our material handling products and services.

Viacore worker

Why Us?

A comprehensive selection of conveyor belts, parts, accessories, complex knowledge, excellent response time and quality customer service strategically placed across Canada and the US.

Aggregate plant

Our Story

Learn about our humble beginnings over 50 years ago and how we grew throughout the decades to become Viacore.

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Leadership Team

Meet the leaders and friendly faces at Viacore.

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The health and safety of all our employees and surrounding environments is essential to the ongoing strength and growth of our business.