Experts in a vast array of fields.

Viacore is a highly valuable partner, advisor, and product expert to a wide range of industries in Canada and the United States. With over fifty years in the industry, our team of more than 300 trained and experienced technicians have a complex understanding of our exhaustive product range to serve the diverse and numerous challenges your industry may face.

Before recommending a product or service, we take the time to thoroughly get to know your company and its unique needs. Once Viacore truly understands your organization, we’ll provide quality-driven and value-added product and service options that we feel are best suited for your specific operation. Our commitment and dedication to timely results, quality products, extensive selection, and flexible service helps to reduce costly downtime while improving your efficiency and output.

To ensure we offer top quality and effective products, services, and expertise, we have partnered with some of the industry’s premium suppliers. Whether it’s belting, components, advice, or immediate service solutions, we can bring you a highly responsive partnership and deep product and industry knowledge.

Conveyor belts moving aggregate supplies at a plant in the mountains

Aggregate & Cement

When it comes to this industry, we consider impact, maintaining clean operating conditions, and reliable tracking components that are detrimental to your site.

Two workers discussing the installation of a conveyor belt system at an agriculture plant on a wheat field


The grain, feed, and seed industries each require different demands for material handling; we have a full line of agricultural belting that meets these demands for conveying and/or elevating these materials.

A bulk terminal that is loading cargo using conveyor belts

Bulk Terminals

We’ve got you covered with a full line of quality belting with premium compounds that resist heavy impact, cut and gouge, fire, static, and oil.

A food-safe conveyor belt moving bread in a food processing plant

Food & Beverage

We offer a wide range of conveyor belts & food-safe splicing options engineered to keep your plant hygienic and food safe.

A conveyor belt moving coal from a mine in the mountains


Our experience working with various mining clients helps us ensure we’re providing the heavyweight conveyor belts best suited for your unique application.

A worker installs wiring for a conveyor belt at an oil plant

Oil & Gas

Viacore stocks conveyor belts that are specifically engineered to handle the rugged and demanding conditions of the oil and gas industry.

A conveyor belt helps to move packages in a procurement facility

Package & Unit Handling

There’s been a large spike in the number of distribution and express sorting facilities across North America due to the ease and convenience of online ordering. We go above and beyond when meeting the unique requirements of today’s fast-growing distribution centers and airports.

A conveyor belt moves coal to a power plant

Power Generation

Viacore can leverage our manufacturing facilities and networks to make sure we provide you with an impactful solution for your plant’s unique needs.

An orange railcar vibrator being used to unload a railcar


We value minimizing worker risks, creating faster unloading times, increasing productivity, staying on schedule, reducing waste, and decreasing labour costs. We do this with railcar connectors, railcar openers, and industrial vibrators.

A conveyor belt is used to sort glass from paper at a recycling plant


With the world’s growing concern & need for sustainability, we recognize the challenges that recycling plants face in reclaiming cardboard, paper, glass, metal, plastic, as well as yard waste & organics.

Yellow cord support 20t


We have assembled, designed, and engineered products that are resistant to cuts, abrasions, and high heat, and we hold key manufacturing partnerships that enable us to provide quality belts for virtually any steel industry project.

Heavy duty conveyor belt is being used to transport logs at a lumber mill

Wood, Pulp, & Paper

Viacore brings years of experience working with mills to deliver safe, high-quality products and services that improve their efficiency and productivity.