Transfer Point Solutions

Effective transfer points play a crucial role in both the longevity of your conveyor systems and the productivity of your operation. A well-designed system eliminates product loss and enhances overall profitability.

At Viacore, our team possesses extensive practical experience and in-depth product knowledge, enabling us to provide invaluable solutions and recommendations for system improvements. Our commitment to maintenance and the utilization of high-quality products ensures that your organization’s systems operate efficiently for an extended period. In the event of a breakdown, we are readily available to deliver prompt service and provide the necessary parts to swiftly restore your operations to full functionality.

Lining & Sheet Rubber

In transfer point solutions, the importance of lining and sheet rubber cannot be understated. Viacore’s Solution Specialists have established a reliable and respectable reputation for providing effective recommendations to address the most challenging wear, impact, and dust containment issues in transfer points.

Also, our experienced technicians are proficient in managing the installation process and providing ongoing monitoring and maintenance for any implemented solution. With their expertise and support, you can trust that your system will be equipped with the necessary lining and sheet rubber solutions, ensuring top performance and durability.

Impact Beds

The significance of impact beds in providing support to the belt during loading is crucial. It is essential to carefully choose the appropriate impact bed to ensure the longevity of both the bed itself and the belt it supports.

At Viacore, our Solution Specialists possess extensive knowledge and practical experience in the field, enabling them to accurately assess and recommend the right impact beds from a reputable manufacturer for any type of conveyor system. With their trusty expertise, you can feel confident that our recommended impact beds will effectively fulfill their role and contribute to the overall efficiency of your conveyor system.

Flow Aid Products – (Vibrators/Air Canons/Rail Car Unloading)

At Viacore, our experienced staff possesses the expertise to identify problematic areas and determine the most suitable solutions, whether it be utilizing vibration or air cannons, to ensure uninterrupted production. Changes in material properties or an increase in production can significantly affect the flow of a conveyor belt, potentially leading to delays or even costly downtime if the material does not flow as intended. By accurately addressing these issues, we help to maintain a smooth and efficient flow of materials on the conveyor belt, allowing your operations to stay on track and minimizing any disruptions.

Dust Control/Suppression

Effective dust management is a persistent challenge and a critical element of ensuring workplace safety. Viacore’s team is experienced in detail-oriented design, installation, and maintenance of dust suppression systems, aiming to minimize any leakage.

Our knowledgeable staff take a comprehensive approach to conveyor systems, acknowledging the importance of proper containment and overall efficiency. We strive to create a work environment that is optimized for dust control, safeguarding the well-being of individuals, and enhancing operational efficiency.


Protecting your productivity from the elements of nature is paramount, as it can be one of the greatest risks to your productivity. Safeguarding materials from rain and wind is essential to prevent degradation and spillage. At Viacore, we understand this importance and have established an extensive supply chain. This enables us to efficiently and promptly select and provide the appropriate conveyor hoods and covers tailored to your specific needs, including size, design, and materials. With Viacore’s comprehensive inventory and expertise, we ensure that your materials remain shielded and secure, allowing you to maintain uninterrupted productivity while minimizing the risks associated with environmental factors.