At Viacore, it’s extremely important our employees go home safely at the end of each day.

Workers transporting a conveyor belt within a warehouse

The health and safety of all our employees and surrounding environments is essential to the ongoing strength and growth of our business. We are fully committed to conducting frequent reviews of all our locations in Canada and the US to maintain compliance with safety regulations.

Beyond this, we strive to set our safety standards above and beyond the regulatory requirements. While we take pride in our workplace health and safety achievements, as well as being one of the safest organizations in North America, we recognize there is still room to grow and improve our performance. Hazards never sleep, so we aim to constantly get ahead and make sure our staff is prepared. All of our staff are surrounded by our Life Saving Rules posters, these are to remind ourselves and customers that the safest way is the best way.

Worker reviewing procedures


Our corporate health and safety policy is reviewed annually by all employees and is supported by all levels of management. Changes and improvements are made in a timely manner to ensure it’s up to date with the most recent workplace safety developments.


Safety starts with commitment at the top levels of Viacore. Our board of directors is committed to reviewing our safety performance and safety initiatives on a continual basis. This is done to hold all levels of management accountable to health and safety. Reviewing safety performance also brings transparency amongst all our branches, by sharing experiences and how it was handled, to keep improving our safety processes. Health and Safety is led by a Canadian Registered Safety Professional (CRSP) and supported by safety officers in each of the regions of operations.


Viacore has established mandatory training requirements for all employees, regardless of being in the field or the office. We constantly seek ways to enhance and reinforce training through a combination of field training, classroom courses, online learning, and video content. Staff training levels are regularly monitored and maintained through scheduled refresher courses.

Viacore has created a unique apprenticeship program to train our own Conveyor Service Technicians to a high standard of expertise. All Conveyor Service Technicians take a 4-year apprenticeship program to gain valuable knowledge and experience in all types of material handling systems.


Viacore recognizes that strong business systems lead to a safer work environment, so we ensure all locations meet ISO 9001:2015 standards. These standards not only ensure a quality management system, but also improve and continually improve the efficiency of processes. Our mechanical services are CWB certified.

Certificate of Recognition (COR)

Viacore is COR Certified. The COR is a voluntary employer certification program that motivates employers to become more proactive in occupational health and safety. The COR is given to employers, such as Viacore, that go beyond the legal requirements, implement an effective health and safety management system, as well as pass a certification audit. We conduct both internal and external audits to achieve or exceed the COR standards.

Hazard Management

All possible work hazards are completely assessed to ensure our employees evaluate and control them in a safe and standard manner, protecting both themselves and the environment. As much as we work hard to avoid incidents, Viacore is committed to working even safer by learning from past ones or any that may arise. When incidents or near misses happen, we conduct a thorough and complete investigation and then share our findings company-wide to take appropriate corrective actions and reduce future incidents. Our mandate to inspect near misses is vitally important to improving our prevention strategies.

Employee Health

Viacore values providing physical and mental health care for our employees through a comprehensive benefits and EFAP program. The EFAP Program delivers crucial resources to our employees and their families.

Third Party Compliance Reporting Companies
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